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Ultramarathon running races, training & resources for ultra running enthusiasts! Trail, mountain, desert, 24 hour & other ultra long distance endurance events.

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Ultra Running Blogs & Race Reports
( Worldwide Blogs & Race Reports by Ultra Runners ) Worldwide Blogs & Race Reports by Ultra Runners

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UltraRunner Dan Doherty Blog: 'Running Mad Dan'
Ireland | Race Reports: World 100K Championships 2011
UltraRunner John O'Regan Blog: 'John O'Regan's Blog'
Ireland | Race Reports: 24 Hour Irish Championships 2011

UltraRunner Cliff King Blog: 'Cliff King'
UK ( England )
UltraRunner Darryl Carter Blog: 'Darryl Daz Carter'
UK ( England ) | Race Reports: Caesar's Camp 100 2011
UltraRunner James Adams Blog: 'Running and Stuff'
UK ( England ) | Race Reports: Race Across America (LA-NY Footrace) 2011
UltraRunner James Elson Blog: 'Centurion Ultramarathon Blog'
UK ( England ) | Race Reports: Badwater 2010
UltraRunner Neil Bryant Blog: 'Life is an Ultramarathon'
UK ( England ) | Race Reports: Viking Way Ultra 2012
UltraRunner Nick Ham Blog: 'Ultra Plodder Nick'
UK ( England ) | Race Reports: Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) 2011
UltraRunner Paul Ali Blog: 'Ultramarathon Running Blog'
UK ( England ) | Race Reports: Caesars Camp 100 2012
UltraRunner Philip Spiers Blog: 'Phils Thoughts'
UK ( England ) | Race Reports: GUCR 2011
UltraRunner Richard Lendon Blog: 'Rich Running'
UK ( England ) | Race Reports: The Spine 2013
UltraRunner Sam Robson Blog: 'One Foot in Front of the Other'
UK ( England ) | Race Reports: South Downs Way Race 2011
UltraRunner Helen Taranowski Blog: 'Helen Taranowski - On the Road, On the Trail'
UK ( England ) | Race Reports: Al Andalus Ultra Trail 2011
UltraRunner Jo Kilkenny Blog: 'Jo Kilkenny - Ultra Runner'
UK ( England )
UltraRunner Kate Lee Blog: 'Marathon Des Sables 2012'
UK ( England ) | Race Reports: Country to Capital 2012
UltraRunner Mimi Anderson Blog: 'Mimi Anderson , Ultra Runner'
UK ( England ) | Race Reports: Double Badwater 2011

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UltraRunner Anton Krupicka Blog: 'Riding The Wind'
USA ( Vermont - VT ) | Race Reports: Leadville 100 2007
UltraRunner Scott Dunlap Blog: 'A Trail Runners Blog'
USA ( California - CA ) | Race Reports: Burning River 100 2010
UltraRunner Scott Mason Blog: 'Wasatch Speed Goat Trail Running'
USA ( Utah - UT )
UltraRunner Ian Sharman Blog: 'Sharman Ultra'
USA ( Oregon - OR ) | Race Reports: Rocky Raccoon 100 2011
UltraRunner Timothy Olson Blog: 'Sole to Soul Rhythm'
USA ( Oregon - OR ) | Race Reports: Bandera 100k 2012
UltraRunner Krissy Moehl Blog: 'Life in Motion'
USA ( Washington - WA ) | Race Reports: San Diego 100 2011

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New Zealand
UltraRunner Lisa Tamati Blog: 'Lisa Tamati Ultra Running'
New Zealand | Race Reports: La Ultra The High

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